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Rules list
Purpose of rating system
  1. The purpose of is creation of the catalogue and popularization of European Internet-resources.
  2. All statistics are public.
  3. Participation is free of charge, except of installation of special counters.
Requirements to registered resources.
  1. The registrated site must be placed in the domain zone of European Union (.de, .lv, .eu, .be, etc). If your site mismatches this condition, but You consider, that it must to be here, please contact administration.
  2. It is allowed to register sites only of the third level and below (examples:,, etc).
  3. The address of a site should not contain subfolders and filenames – only direct reference to a resource are allowed (example: reference is unallowed).
  4. It is forbidden to register resources which contradict the European legislation (contains propaganda of violence, racial hatred, pornography, appeals to disorders, etc).
  5. It is forbidden to register personal pages and the sites which are not having precise thematic orientation or which are interesting only narrow circle of friends of their author.
  6. It is forbidden to register the sites which are being on a stage of development.
  7. It is forbidden to register full or partial duplicates (mirrors) of others resources, that are already published in the catalogue.
  8. It is forbidden to register resources which are engaged in advertising of others the Internet of resources.
  9. It is forbidden to specify site description with CAPITAL LETTERS.
  10. It is forbidden to specify the address of a site in the site description.
Requirements to installation of the counter.
  1. The counter's code of should be placed in your site's HTML body in current of 48 hours from the moment of registration.
  2. The counter of should be visible on main site's page.
  3. It is forbidden to place the counter in POP-UP windows.
  4. It is forbidden to change a code of the counter.
  1. Being registered on, You agree to receive advertising dispatch not often then once a month.
  2. For the additional information address administration.
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